Elon Musk says in a tweet he could ‘Die in mysterious circumstances’- See more to the story………..

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Elon Musk says in a tweet he could ‘Die in mysterious circumstances’- See more to the story………..

Elon Musk has discussed “kicking the bucket in strange conditions” in an obscure tweet.

“Assuming I pass on under puzzling conditions, it’s been great knowin ya,” he composed on Twitter.

The post came not long after he shared a post from Dmitry Rogozin, the top of Russia’s space organization. In that articulation, Mr Rogozin blamed Mr Musk for being “engaged with providing the fundamentalist powers in Ukraine with military correspondence gear”.

“Also, for this, Elon, you will be considered responsible like a grown-up – regardless of the amount you’ll act dumb,” he closed.

After six minutes, Mr Musk shared the tweet about kicking the bucket in strange circumstances.”Sorry!” Mr Musk wrote in answer. “I will put forth a valiant effort to remain alive.”

He likewise loved a tweet by Pranay Pathole, an Indian architect who consistently answers Mr Musk’s tweets, where he seemed to communicate worry for Mr Musk’s security.

“Elon and his endeavors are the explanation I get up each day loaded up with trust, confidence, happiness, and energy that humankind has a superior future with Elon around,” Mr Pathole composed. “I’m certain I’m by all accounts not the only one to awaken with that positive thinking.

“Be careful, Elon. Remain safe. The world necessities you.”

Elon Musk and Dmitry Rogozin have competed all through the conflict in Ukraine. They have exchanged now and again exchanged belligerent and frequently deriding messages about the space business and Starlink – as well as the conflict by and large, given their status as two of their country’s greatest tweeters.In March, for example, Mr Rogozin was the most noticeable Russian government official to come to Vladimir Putin’s guard after Mr Musk provoked him to “single battle”. Mr Rogozin taunted Mr Musk for tweeting from the latrine and recommended he was a “little fallen angel [LITTEL DEVIL]”.

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