Lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo Again Dresses Like ‘Juju Priest

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Lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo Again Dresses Like ‘Juju Priest

Ahuman privileges legal counselor and lobbyist, Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo, Monday created a ruckus at a Federal High Court in Lagos when he showed up in a mix of court dress and clothing said to be worn by followers of ‘Olokun’, the leader of all waterways and other water gods.

SaharaReporters had detailed that last Thursday, Omirhobo wearing a comparable way to Supreme Court, Abuja. The attorney, who hails from Delta State, last week said he dressed to court thusly to practice his crucial common freedoms following the judgment of the Supreme Court that permits each Nigerian to communicate their method of love and the utilization of hijab in schools and public spots.

In a meeting, he portrayed the attire as one typically worn by Olokun admirers.

It was accumulated that his partners in the Lagos court looked entertained as he sat down to anticipate the day’s procedures to start.

Nonetheless, he had prior in a meeting with Sunday PUNCH said that he was ready to be addressed by an adjudicator over his clothing.

He had said, “It is in light of the Supreme Court judgment of Friday (fourteen days prior) against the Lagos State Government that female Muslim understudies can now wear hijabs to school. I’m being humorous; I am attempting to follow that judgment.

“By that judgment, they are saying that wearing a hijab is a method of love by female Muslim understudies and any endeavor to deny them of that will add up to the infringement of their key basic liberty, opportunity of thought, soul and religion, and halting or pestering them will add up to an infringement of their right to nobility of their people.

“It isn’t simply an Islamic or non-public school; it is a government funded school. Nigeria is a multi-strict society. We have the customary admirers, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, and Buddhists. The judgment suggests that as long as we as a whole have freedoms, we as a whole can be permitted to go to our work environments or school in our strict clothing.”

While he said that he was not being ill bred to the court, he made sense of that he is an African man.He added, “I’m ready to be informed that I am not as expected dressed. They ought to let me know appropriate dressing, as indicated by the Constitution of Nigeria. Is there anything in the Legal Practitioners Act that characterizes the sort of dress I should wear?

“Anything we wear depends on the show that we ought to don highly contrasting. Could show at any point supplant the constitution? The law says one (regulation alumni) will be called to the Bar, and wear a hairpiece and outfit. Did the law say I shouldn’t wear a quill on my head?

“Did it say I should sport highly contrasting? The law didn’t say as much. Thus, what we are wearing is just about endlessly culture doesn’t supplant the constitution. In this way, that simply shows there is a lacuna in our regulations. They need to basically check them out. No one ought to let me know good about dressing.”

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