I made mistake picking my ‘number two’ as President — Obasanjo

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I made mistake picking my ‘number two’ as President — Obasanjo

Previous President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, on Saturday, unveiled that one of the errors he pursued in life was the decision of his ‘number two’ when he needed to turn into the country’s leader in 1999.

Obasanjo made the exposure while responding to questions presented to him by understudies from chosen auxiliary schools that partook in the last of the National Exhibition and Awards, coordinated by Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE).The occasion, which occurred at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, Ogun State, highlighted introductions and presentations of certain items made by understudies of the partaking schools.

Obasanjo said he had many mix-ups, which he can depicted as real missteps in his day to day existence, yet God made him to overcome.According to him, “One of the slip-ups I made was picking my ‘number two’ when I needed to turn into the president. But since it was a certifiable misstep, God saved me.

“The subsequent one was when Abacha needed to capture me. At the point when Abacha needed to capture me, I was let by the American Ambassador know that they will capture me and that America has asked that I ought to be given a shelter.

“I said no. It might have been an error since I might have lost my life.

“I will say there are numerous things that might have been a misstep, yet God saved me from them all.”Youths and initiative
While talking on open doors for the adolescents to assume control over the mantle of administration in the country, Obasanjo said young people can never come into power in the event that the latest thing proceeds.

He expressed even with the “Not Too Young to Run” crusade, you can see that those that are challenging now are somewhere in the range of 70 and 80 years of age. How might the adolescents run?”Another thing repressing youth from running is how much cash engaged with going into legislative issues. I trust that things shouldn’t proceed with this way.

“I was 39 years of age when I turned into the Military Head of State. After twenty years, I returned as non military personnel president.

“Yet, those there presently don’t have any desire to permit the young people. Assuming that things proceed with this way, I don’t have the foggiest idea how you can come in.”

The previous president likewise moved the understudies to soak up strict resistance, exhorting them not to consider their own religion to be better than that of someone else.

Obasanjo said: “I reserve no option to express out loud whatever another man has faith in is second rate compared to mine.

“In the event that God had believed that we all should be of a similar religion, he would have made it so and since He didn’t work everything out, no individual ought to endeavor to work everything out.

“Youngsters ought to learn at a right off the bat in life that assuming there are five religions on the planet, that is the way God maintains that it should be. Assuming there are 10 that is the way God needs it. All religions start from a similar source.

“On the off chance that you are a Muslim and you didn’t experience the manner in which the God believes you should live, you can’t enter Aljannah.

“In the event that you are a Christian and you didn’t experience the manner in which God believes you should live, exactly the same thing, you won’t enter heaven.

“I don’t completely accept that that any religion is better than mine and I don’t completely accept that that mine is better than someone else’s convictions.

“I won’t permit any individual to project slanders to my religion and won’t do same for someone else. Practice your religion the manner in which God maintains that you should make it happen and don’t censure someone else.”

Inviting members at the occasion, the Chairman of SAGE Nigeria, Agwu Amogu, said the program, was to praise the imaginative energies and responsibilities of high schooler business people who consider the moves in the networks to be their obligations.

He said, “SAGE is an abbreviation for Students for the ‘Progression of Global Entrepreneurship’.

“It is a global program started at the California State University, Chico, USA, in 2002 and at present functional in north of 32 nations across every one of the mainlands of the world.

“It offers optional school matured youngsters an involved educational experience on the best way to make riches, help other people and their networks.”

Amigu said starting from the presentation of the e in Nigeria in 2006, it had shown that it is a strong methodology and model for instructive change, youth re-direction, work creation and neediness mitigation and multi-social mix

As per him, Nigeria desperately needs another worldview for training.

“The new worldview should give understudies an opportunity to learn while tackling local area issues and promptly applying what they have realized in the homeroom by really accomplishing something extraordinary.”

The SAGE administrator expressed victors of the current year’s opposition, would address Nigeria in the SAGE World Competition holding in Netherlands in August, 2022

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